Beaune 2019 – Day 4 : the birth of cartels and political thriller

Yesterday evening and this morning, the audience of Beaune has been able to discover the last two films of the competition, “Birds of passage”, and “El Reino”. Tornasol Films Yesterday evening, after the tribute to the German filmmaker Fatih Akin by Samuel Benchetrit, president of the Jury in new Blood, festival-goers have seen The Birds of passage, a fresco on the birth of cartels in Colombia’s Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego. This morning, they were unable to attend the screening of the last film of the competition, the political thriller Spanish El Reino”, directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and worn by the actor Antonio de la Torre . The Birds of passage In the 1970s, in Colombia, a family of indigenous Wayuu is in the heart of sale’s thriving marijuana to american youth. When the honor of the families tries to resist to the greed of men, the war of the clans becomes inevitable and puts in danger their lives, their culture and their ancestral traditions. This is the birth of drug cartels. Birds of passage trailer VO Birds of passage is a very beautiful fresco, light and arid, on the birth of the drug trafficking in Colombia and the beginning of the war of the clans among the native population, who struggle to stay faithful to their traditions. The narrative takes its time and very beautiful plans together pay tribute to nature’s harsh and sublime, which becomes the scene of a blood bath. A reserve, however, we would have liked that the female characters are beautiful, are at the centre of the story, as foreshadowed in the opening sequence. The film will be released next Wednesday, the 10th of April, in the halls. El Reino Manuel L√≥pez-Vidal is a man of political influence in its region.
Then it should be entered to the national leadership of his party, he finds himself involved in a corruption case that threatens one of his closest friends. Trapped, he plunges into a downward spiral… After the polar uneven dios nos perdone, who had, however, conquered the audience, Rodrigo Sorogoyen is back with El Reino , a political thriller, effective, complex but readable, and focused by a distribution impeccable, Antonio de la Torre in the lead role in Barbara Lennie or Josep Maria Pou in a secondary role. The voltage, from one end to the other, never wavers, and it really takes the pleasure to attend in the fall of this politician corrupt. The film will be released on the screens in france on the 17th April. El Reino trailer VO This evening will be held the closing ceremony during which the winners will be unveiled . You can always find the news of the festival here !

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