Santa Clarita Diet, A Plane without it, 9-1-1… The appointment series from 25 to 31 march

The return of the biting Drew Barrymore in season 3 of “the Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix to the adaptation of the bestseller “A Plane without it” on M6, tour of the event horizon series, from 25 to 31 march. Monday, march 25, France 2 – TRAPPED : return to the heart of the fjords for a new complex investigation in the season 2 (2 episodes). Canal + – the PATRICK MELROSE : after Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch slips into the skin of a womanizer, alcoholic, and narcissistic. Netflix – BLACK LIGHTNING : final of season 2 of the series super-heroic. Amazon Prime – LOST : provision of the entirety of the cult series. US – KNIGHTFALL : the launch of season 2 on History. Tuesday, march 26, M6 – A PLANE WITHOUT IT : kick-off of the adaptation of the bestseller by Michel Bussi with Bruno Solo. A plane without it – season 1 Teaser VF C8 – RED SHADOWS : the final of season 1 of the series police with Nadia Farès and Antoine Duléry. US – MIRACLE WORKERS : final of season 1 on TBS. Wednesday, march 27, TF1 – CHICAGO MED : end of season 2, followed by season 3 at 23h35. US – HAPPY! starting season 2 on Syfy. US – JANE THE VIRGIN : the launch of season 5 on the CW. Thursday, march 28, Arte – MURDERS IN SANDHAMN : dissemination of 3 parts of season 5 which leads back to the small island where the corpse of a young traveller is discovered. M6 – 9-1-1 : kick-off of the series of Ryan Murphy, who immerses us in the lives of the emergency services in the u.s. (3 episodes). 9-1-1 – season 1 trailer VO Canal + – THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL : end of season 1, followed by the final of season 1 of THE BISEXUAL at 23h05. US – ABBY’S : the launch of season 1 on NBC. US – TACOMA FD : start of season 1 on TruTV. US – LEGACIES : end of season 1 on the CW. US – FLACK : end of season 1 on Pop. Friday, march 29, Canal + Series – WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS : kick-off of the comedy adapted from the film Vampires in any intimacy (US + 24). Netflix – online of season 1 of the drama SF French OSMOSIS, season 1 of the series of espionage british TRAITORS, season 3 of the comedy biting SANTA CLARITA DIET and season 2 of american comedy ON MY BLOCK. Amazon Prime – HANNA : start of season 1 of the thriller american and put at the disposal of the 1 season of the police series S. W. A. T. Saturday 30 march, France Ô – INDIAN SUMMERS : end of season 2. Canal + Series – GOMORRAH : the launch of season 4 in which a new balance of power takes place within the Camorra is a neapolitan. OCS Choc – STRIKE BACK : final season 7 of the adaptation of the novels of Chris Ryan (US+24). Miracle Workers – season 1 trailer VO Warner TV – MIRACLE WORKERS : kick-off of the divine comedy with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, which embody, respectively, an angel and God. Sunday, march 31, France, 3 – BROKENWOOD : final of the season 5 of the police series from new zealand. US – VEEP : start of season 7, followed by season 2 of BARRY on HBO. US – THE WALKING DEAD : final season 9 on AMC. US – BLACK MONDAY : the final of season 1 followed by the final of season 2 of SMILF on Showtime.