Bryan Cranston to return to tv in a series of political

The ex-interpreter of Walter White in “Breaking Bad” will soon be back on the small screen, and will take the lead role of “Your Honor”, a political thriller adapted from a miniseries israeli and centered on a judge dealing with the mafia. AMC While it was relatively rare on television these last time, appearing more often on the cinema screens after the fireworks finale of Breaking Bad in 2012, Bryan Cranston is about to make its grand return in series on Showtime. According to The Hollywood Reporter , he will, in fact, the main role of Your Honor, political thriller in 10 episodes adapted from the series of israeli Kvodo, created by Robert and Michelle King (to whom we owe The Good Fight) and developed by Peter Moffat, known for his work on The Night Of. Bryan Cranston will perform a judge of the New Orleans at the career thriving, on the point of getting a new promotion, and whose life turns completely on the same day his teenage son is convicted of a hit-and-run involving a member of the mafia. Bryan Cranston : did you know that he was also script writer and producer ? A role that, in the complexity of its positioning, is not without recalling that of Walter White, also torn between two worlds that are incompatible : the family life and drug trafficking. In short, a character tailor-made for Bryan Cranston , according to the president of Showtime’s Gary Levine : “Peter, Michelle and Robert have developed an original thriller tinged with suspense and breathtaking, raw emotion and a true complexity of morality. And we are simply overjoyed at the idea of Bryan Cranston, one of the best actors on the planet, sharing our enthusiasm, and agrees to hold the main role. I’m looking forward to turn Your Honor and show it to the world.” In the meantime the filming of the series, which is expected to begin current 2019, and (re)discover all the little hidden details in “Breaking Bad”… Have you noticed ? Emissions Bonus

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